The Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is a multi-sensory program utilized to improve brain function.  The program incorporates classical music, movement, and language exercises and can be customized for all ages and developmental levels.  ILs programs are based on the premise that the brain is able to change in response to stimulation, a term known as “Neuroplasticity”, which actually modifies the brain.  All the programs use headphones and deliver music specifically filtered to cause the brain changes.


Integrated Listening Systems, a series of programs for all ages, is designed to improve the ability to:

  1. increase processing speed
  2. train eyes and ears to work together
  3. integrate gross and fine motor systems – improves handwriting
  4. better control emotions
  5. strengthen working memory
  6. increase sustained attention


VOICE PRO – This program specifically concentrates on improving auditory and language skills, which increase learning and social skills.

SAFE AND SOUND PROTOCOL (SSP) – with a daily session of 5 sessions, the emphasis is on the calming effect, allowing the individual to give greater attention to the material being taught

FOCUS 30  /  FOCUS 60

The only difference between these two programs is the delivery time. When necessary, they can each be modified to allow for the individual attention spans. These programs also use headphones to deliver filtered music, specifically for children or adults.

FOCUS 30 or FOCUS 60 benefits those individuals who have difficulties in the following areas:

  • concentration/attention/memory
  • speech and/or language
  • written expression and reading comprehension
  • social communication and behavior
  • motor skills, balance
  • processing speed
  • sensory processing